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How We Work

What parts of your work involve or are focused on UX?

Everything we do is grounded in the user's experience. From the code we write to the designs we craft, it all culminates in the experience the use has in the end. In that regard, we always bring a UX lens to every project we do, from basing decisions in research to utilizing accessibility best-practices.

Do you work with startups? What about startups with a super-tight budget?

We've partnered with companies of all sizes, including solo-founders and small teams working to get their first product out of stealth, and into the hands of users. For startups we really believe in, we offer special rates and packages to help get things off the ground. Get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

What separates Vault Labs from other agencies?

First and foremost, the quality of our work. We're an award winning multidisciplinary team of designers and developers, with a proven track record of incredible craft, accountability, and results, trusted by Google and others to build and design flagship experiences. Unlike traditional design firms, we're builders at heart, and we're as comfortable crafting code as we are perfecting designs.

How much does it cost to hire you?

While our pricing generally relates to the project scope, deliverables, and timeline, we also offer ongoing retainers. If a project is really dynamic, or has a lot of open ends, we'll usually work under an hourly rate with simple terms to get started quickly. However for longer-term or ongoing projects that need dedicated support, we'll create a detailed proposal up-front, after we learn as much as we can about your project. In such a case, our work will either be a fixed-price contract, or a monthly retainer.

Our rates span from $200/hour to $270/hour, depending on the project scope, deliverables, and most importantly, the timeline. All of our fixed-price contracts and monthly retainers factor in this rate, based on the number of hours we estimate a project will take. We offer a special rate for startups we really believe in, too. Please reach out to get a quote.

What sort of process should I expect from your team?

Our process is grounded in user-centric design methodologies, coupled with our experience building products in-house at Google and fast-paced startups alike. While every project is unique, we always consider the following:

Research & Understanding
At the start of a project, our foremost objective is to understand the context and challenges surrounding the work we've been brought in to help with. This includes hearing from key stakeholders, learning what's been done in the past, and collaborating the requirements to move forward with. As needed, we can conduct user research, review competitors, and audit for accessibility as well.

Strategy & Design Iteration
Once we've established our starting point, we'll create a strategy on how best to move forward. For purely UX design projects, this includes crafting end-to-end flows, creating responsive layouts, and developing a polished vision to build towards. Every step of the way, we validate our work iteratively with users, stakeholders, and data alike, and fine-tune based on feedback. For development projects, we'll gather full context on the existing codebase and tech stack, and then coordinate with key stakeholders on our approach to utilizing or expanding that stack.

Ongoing Support
Because of how much care goes into our work, its no surprise to us that most of our clients have returned to us for project after project. We're always open to expanding existing work, or being flexibly available to make changes down the road. For clients who grow into needing a monthly retainer, we always do our best to offer incredibly competitive terms, whether we're supporting for a few months or indefinitely.

Other Services

Aside from UX/UI design, front-end web development, and branding, what other services do you offer?

With such a multidisciplinary team, it's no surprise that we have such a variety of skillsets at the ready. For particularly inspiring projects, we can offer game development, game design, animation, video editing, video post-production, pitch & fundraising decks, and music production. While we generally don't advertise these as primary offerings, once we get to know a client, we keep on the lookout for ways to offer our help and amplify projects.

Do you offer those other services only to existing clients?

Anything's possible! If we haven't worked together yet, we'll need to really understand your team's composition and working style before jumping into one of our other services. We're open to hearing about your project, so get in touch and we'll see what we can do!


Why is Vault Labs different than most agencies or startups?

In short, we're builders at heart. We absolutely love building, designing, and creating digital products. That's why we build our own in-house projects like Sharpen and Good Trouble, as well as offering our full range of skills to help other teams too.

What's the team at Vault Labs like?

We're really kind people who love pizza, dogs, and the sunshine of our home state of California. Vault Labs was founded in 2017 by Anthony Gibson and Arman Nobari - two friends who met in college years prior and connected over their shared love of both design and development. After half a decade of freelancing as a dynamic duo, the Vault Labs team has quickly grown into an award winning full-scale digital agency.